Netflix Interactive Mystery

Role: UX/UI Designer

Timeline: 4 weeks

Tools: Sketch App, Photoshop, Illustrator, Principle

Deliverables: Desktop Prototype


We saw the success with the Black Mirror Spinoff Bandersnatch, and we think there are big opportunities in additional interactive experiences that push the limits here.


  1. Create a new feature
  2. Integrates into the current viewer experience inside Netflix




As the second largest video streaming service in the US, Netflix owns 51% of market share. Research shows the main reason for subscribers to use Netflix is its original shows. Within that said, users come to Netflix to get the unique watching experience that can’t be obtained through other service providers.

Demographics helps me to obtain more knowledge for Netflix subscribers: The most common age group in Netflix subscribers are between 18-24, which make up 24% of total users. Teenagers and young adults in this age group develop egocentrism and commonly have passion for new technology. They are the target users of interactive shows. Based on the success of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Netflix can attract more subscribers by introducing a new interactive experience to enable higher sense of participation and wrap around the needs of young audience.

(Source: Statista, CNBC, eMarketer)


I conducted interviews with participants in School of Visual Arts to understand their experience of watching shows online and how they perceive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. I recruited those who fit the provisional persona created from the market research. Then I collected insights for the Netflix feature design.

·Number of Participants: 5

·Age: 18-24

·Regularly Watch Shows Online




· Viewers don’t feel enough freedom to make changes to the story

· Viewers don’t like watching interactive shows on a daily basis because they demand more investment of energy

· Viewers enjoy being challenged intelligently and like the sense of being smart audience


· Allow viewers the chance to make more meaningful decisions and provide adequate feedbacks

· Make it concise. Introduce it as a Netlifx go-to classic for spare time instead of a daily TV show.

· Introduce more puzzles or deciphering elements that are in moderate difficulty.



Introduce the Interactive Mystery Challenge that enables the audience to play the role of a detective, figure out mysteries and change the story based on their decision-making.



Overview Page

View the information and start playing the show. 

Journey Begins

Customize your preferred name and say hi to the main characters

Interactive Mystery

Continue watching and the interactive mystery comes in.

Inspect Clues

Find important clues to inspect further details and watch the movie part about the truth behind.

Puzzle Challenge

Make a decision based on the selective information you got, and see how the story evolves based on your answer.

The Final Challenge

By the end of the show, you are asked to identify who is the serial killer from a list of main characters. The ending is different based on your choice.

Enjoy the Fresh Entertaining Experience

and Show off your intelligence!


While designing this product, I’ve been tailoring features and tightening up the user journey according to feedbacks. These are a few UI explorations I’ve experimented with during this process.

Select User
Character profile and chat box
Timeline and unlocked episodes

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